The premier league is back, and the onerous task of naming the PVL fantasy league team has fallen on your favourite engineering blog writer. So far I’ve come up with PVL Eindhoven, FC Port-Flow, Bayer Level Sensor, Crewe ATEXandra and Pressure Dortmund. Any other ideas will be welcome and our sales director, David Almond, still [...]

We at PVL always look forward to the Ashes and we are sure that some of our suppliers on the other side of the world – like Trimec and Kelco – feel the same. Friendly cricket rivalries aside, we are delighted to have formed such a good relationship with two such world-renowned manufacturers. Trimec, which [...]

SPDT vs DPDT: Real life engineering problems solved

27 March 2013

In an occasional series, and because we don’t have a FAQ page (!), we like to highlight customer conversations that will hopefully help other readers with their hydraulic issues Our Product Manager, Jamie Clowes, takes up the story: “Generally, if asked to quote for a pressure switch for hydraulic oil with 0-200 bar adjustment range [...]

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The Poop Pump Song – Advertising can be a messy business

19 February 2013

Advertising a product that’s application is suited to a vital, yet yucky problem can be difficult. Here at PVL we try as often as possible to use humour in our marketing which is why we particularly enjoyed The Poop Pump song. Put together by engineers at Texas-based Pump Solutions Inc, it’s  a parody of Jay [...]

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8 January 2013

Is there no such thing as bad publicity? It’s a question we’ve been forced to ponder in the PVL offices this week with the news that “Omnishambles” has been named word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary. Just how can we make a positive about a product we’ve been marketing and successfully selling [...]

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Accuracy and reliability are par for the course

17 December 2012

Two golf events backed by PVL have been a great success, with the first raising over £4000 for the London Ambulance Service and the second providing a great day out for members of the British Fluid Power Association. At the beginning of October, PVL sponsored a hole on the SOBS Golf Society’s charity day, which [...]

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The Cat & toast

17 December 2012

High-minded scientific debate has always been de rigeur at the offices of PVL. Take for instance this old email, sent way back in the early days of the Internet, which we have just found while cleaning out an old office. When a cat is dropped, it always lands on its feet, and when toast is [...]

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When the light bulb of innovation switches on…

11 December 2012

We’ve all seen the TV cartoons where the character suddenly has a bright idea and a light bulb pops into life above the character’s head. And when we have similarly brilliant ideas, it can sometimes feel almost as if a bright light has been switched on. So it’s no surprise that the light bulb of [...]

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Export opportunities for PVL products

3 December 2012

PVL Sales and Marketing Director David Almond attended a speech at the British Chambers of Commerce by Minister of State for Trade and investment Lord Green, who was explaining that export was not simply good for Britain, but was essential for Britain. Lord Green outlined his vision for increasing exports to 40% of UK GDP, [...]

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It’s all a question of flow (or, urine it to win it!)

27 September 2012

Some much-needed relaxation at a local hostelry introduced us this week to the world’s first, contact-free, networked interactive washroom media system. Located above each urinal in the gents, it is, not to put too fine a point on it, a pee-controlled video game. By adjusting your direction of flow – left, right, up and down [...]

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